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Slide Rotational Mould
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Playground slides are found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards. The slide may be flat, or half cylindrical or tubular to prevent falls. Slides are usually constructed of plastic or metal and they have a smooth surface that is either straight or wavy. The user, typically a child, climbs to the top of the slide via a ladder or stairs and sits down on the top of the slide and slides down the chute.


Here is a list of slide styles: 

Spiral slide: Spiral Slide is a playground slide that is wrapped around a central pole to form a descending spiral forming. 

Wavy slide: Wavy slide is a slide that has waves in its shape, causing the person sliding to go up and down slightly while descending.

Tube slide: Tube slide is simply a slide in the form of a tube. It can also curve or have bumps. 

Straight slide: Straight slide is a flat slide that just goes down at a slight angle. 

Amusement-park slides: These are just larger versions of the playground slide, much higher and with multiple parallel slideways. Participants may be provided with a sack to sit on to reduce friction for higher speeds and to protect clothing. 

Drop slides: Drop slides are slides with a vertical or nearly vertical drop (nicknamed the death slide or free-fall slide).

Slide Rotational mould Instruction

There are many kinds of processing methods for plastics and composite materials. In addition to the common extrusion, injection, blow molding and other processes, rotomolding is also a processing method for plastic products.

Because Rotational molding does not require high injection pressures, high shear rates, or precise polymer gauges, molds and machines are relatively inexpensive and have a long service life.



Rotomolded products can be used in transportation, transportation safety facilities, entertainment industry, river channel dredging, construction, water treatment, medicine and food, electronics, chemical, aquaculture, textile printing and dyeing industries.


The advantage of Rotational moulding                                                                   

1)The cost of plastic rotational mould is low.

2)The shape of rotational moulding products can be very complex.

3)Rotational moulding products can be produced fully closed.

4)Rotational moulding products can be filled with foam material, to achieve thermal insulation.

5)No need to adjust the mould, the thickness of rotational moulding products can be adjusted.

6)It's available to deal with a variety of surface patterns and produce products in various colors.


Why choose us?

Yisong's leading products are rotomolding equipment, rotomolding molds, rotomolding products, etc. In addition to meeting the needs of domestic high-end customers, Yisong also exports to more than ten countries and regions such as Australia, Russia and Indonesia. With high-end product quality and excellent after-sales service, we have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.